Expert advice to achieve your financial goals through investment, insurance, and effective tax planning.

Who We Are

We are an independent financial advisory firm offering advice to our successful and wealthy clients on how to properly manage their net wealth.

We are independent from the companies we invest in.  There is no conflict of interest, we want the best for our clients.

We represent assets that are managed by solid public companies that are regulated in Canada.  These companies include London Life, Great West Life, Sun Life, MacKenzie Financial, TD, RBC, BMO and Dynamic Mutual Funds to name a few.

We are a planning based firm.  We offer advice within the context of implementing a plan. We are committed to finding the best choice of products tohelp achieve your financial goals more efficiently.

We offer unique high cash value life insurance that grows cash and increases yield which simultaneously reduces taxation in investment over the long term.  It is one of the biggest value added propositions in our industry.

Our office has expertly trained staff with years of experience that are dedicated to serving our clients and their various needs.