Expert advice to achieve your financial goals through investment, insurance, and effective tax planning.

Individual Services

Our firm’s mission is to support you in pursuing your final goals.  Financial planning goals are of different priority to everyone.  Some favour wealth accumulation and some favour income protection or life insurance.  We will sit down with you and develop these priorities as part of a bigger financial plan.  If you need direction regarding the proper investment or insurance strategy or just provide a second opinion on what you have now, come see us.  We want to remove the guess work out of financial planning and provide you with a structured plan that fits you and your circumstances.

Our goal is to support you and provide valuable direction.

We are often asked by “Individuals” to provide:

  • Retirement Plans
  • Estate Plans
  • Creditor Protection of Assets
  • Asset Transfer From Taxable Investment to Tax Exempt Life Insurance
  • Income Splitting and Tax Minimization Strategy
  • Living Benefits Plans
  • Asset Allocation Plans
  • High Cash Value Participating Life Insurance Plans

Examples of services:

Retirement Planning – How much should I have for retirement and how much will I need?  To answer these questions, an evaluation of your current financial position is needed and a commitment to saving a certain amount until you retire.

We can make these difficult choices seem easier for you.  Taking control of your finances today will ensure you will have enough for retirement for the time you plan to retire.

Investment Plans – Whether you run a small business or earn a salary, some of the money you earn must be set aside for investment savings.  For individuals we may use a contribution of RSP’s or tax free savings accounts and for businesses, we may use holding companies to accumulate wealth.  The selection of investments may vary from low risk guaranteed vehicles to higher risk non- guaranteed depending on your risk tolerance.  We will take you through a process to determine what best suits your situation and risk tolerance as an investor.

Living Benefits Planning – Critical Illness and Disability Insurance are the proper vehicles to help protect your income by providing a benefit when you need it most.  Most financial plans are easily fulfilled if a client is healthy all the way through retirement.  If you become sick or disabled, there should be a plan in place to help you achieve your financial security goals of having adequate income for your day to day expenses as well as capital for your retirement.  Protecting both your income and wealth is a wise idea in any financial plan.